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Harmony Chiropractic can help you get back to your life without pain by doing a comprehensive multi-step evaluation and using effective treatment techniques. As a sports chiropractor in the Sylvania & Toledo area, we help athletes get back on the field & runners get back in the race. We take our time to teach you about your condition and we will get you stronger & more flexible to help you heal quickly. Dr. Royer is one of the only chiropractors in the Toledo, OH area to have multiple specialties & certifications beyond average chiropractic care. He has special training to diagnose and rehabilitate conditions that arise from sports injuries & neurological problems.

When muscles become unbalanced or if the joints in your spine are restricted in motion, you can develop pain. If those muscles are allowed to work unbalanced due to bad posture or even weakness, things like carpal tunnel and rotator cuff problems can result. Sometimes when someone has suffered a head injury, behavioral and pain syndromes can develop because their brain is not working the way it should.

Our goal at Harmony Chiropractic is to help return people to health. Ideally, optimum health. To create balance in their bodies and brains. To create harmony in their lives by getting them out of pain and allowing them to do the things they enjoy again.

Bring your health back into Harmony.

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Dr. Bryan D. Royer, DC, DACNB, CCSP